A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming a Crypto Maximalist

Modern folks no more rely on the theory of being thrifty and stocking their hard-earned money for the future. Rather, they look for growing their wealth by investing in the right places. At present, cryptocurrencies have become one of the enticing ways to make investments as they are safe, reliable, and easy-to-use. Maximization is one of the most enticing aspects of the crypto world.  Fortunately, we have hundreds of options available in hand. But crypto maximization gives rise to tribalism, which is not viable in long run. It is possible to develop a strong opinion about a particular brand of cryptocurrency by getting influenced by others. But you should remain rational and arrive at any conclusion after evaluating the facts.

If you are new to the world of cryptocurrency, going through this step-by-step tutorial will help in kick-starting your journey in the right direction:


Getting Started with Maximalism

Investing in cryptocurrency should not be done in an impulse. Rather, it’s important to study and apply the concepts of socioeconomics, games theory, computer science, and finance to achieve a comprehensive level of understanding. And, once you have decided for a coin, it’s important to construct an airtight, self-reinforcing belief system. Important points to keep in mind are:


  • Your coin is the best– Being dubious about your cryptocurrency is not the way to survive and thrive in the long run. So, think positively about it. Try to feel that unlike others, your crypto community is real, rational and consists of honest people. Similarly, be opinionated that yours is the only community bound by ethical rules and others use nasty tricks to purchase followers.


  • Everything that happens to your coin happens organically– In order to remain positive about your cryptocurrency, you should think that every positive event that is happening to it is just the resultant of the ethical practices that it’s carrying out for years and the good impression that it has left on real buyers. However, if the price of your cryptocurrency falls suddenly, assume that it’s the result of market irrationality.


Building Your World View

After successfully starting the cryptocurrency maximization process, it’s time to align your worldview with your choice of cryptocurrency. Here are a few tips in this regards:

  • Reddit is a good place to start diving in – Every cryptocurrency possesses a subreddit where you can read on a wealth of information related to it. Additionally, your coin’s subreddit account serves as a safe space that will help you maintain a positive outlook even during a raving beer market.


  • Know about the blockchain trilemma– Blockchains cannot be optimized for security, scalability, and decentralization simultaneously. For instance, some DLT networks sacrifice decentralization in favor of scalability. You need to choose your political goals depending on the technical properties of your coin.


Spreading the Word

Creating an introductory Tweetstorm comprising a collection of arguments, papers, and quotes that support your opinion is an effective way to establishing yourself as a crypto maximalist. Continuous analysis of Reddit and Twitter accounts of proponents may let you encounter someone who is a charlatan that misled simple-minded people. In any case, expose them for who they really are. Also, if you find people who are being cheated by charlatans and just don’t know about it, then let them know what miserable creatures they are.

On a final note, we would like to tell you that the most important rule of maximalism is that there is no maximalism. You are simply a normal person who choose his crypto currency based on personal analysis and experts’ opinion. And, maximalism cannot exist when there’s only one cryptocurrency to choose from. So, broaden your vision and spread your investments into more cryptocurrencies.

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